Microsoft Test And Lab Management with Test Runner and Visual Studio 2010 CodedUI Testing UI

Ok who at Microsoft can I go hug and bow down too for creating Test and Lab and Test Runner and the CodedUI Recorder script generator.  Client of mine wanted to do more automated and better testing of their web apps. I knew VS 2010 had new testing tools but didn’t know to what extent. So I did some quick research and installed it on my own and tried it out against a business application I develop.  Wow.

I still have a lot to learn on it’s use but in 5min I created a script that I could automate and test the UI functionality of the business web app.

Applications to look at:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Test and Lab Management 2010 (Yes this only works with Team Foundation Server 2010. If you have TFS 2008, you’re out of luck.
  • Microsoft Test Runner 2010 (Comes as part of Test and Lab I believe)

Some quick overview features

  1. You can record your testing and play it back later to automate it
  2. It’s designed for non-developers but not end-users, for someone in QA
  3. With this tool you can have “Shared” scripts, so say you create 100 scripts and we change the login functionality. You would only need to edit that one shared script and all the other 100 are changed.
  4. Manual Testing can be turned into automated testing
  5. You can setup test environments for local, QA and Prod
  6. You can do full screen capture when manual testing and it will create Bug item in Team Foundation System with your screen shots and all the steps you performed and what data was used when you were developing.
  7. You can use datasource for username’s and passwords and addresses to test with etc.
  8. You can perform Coded UI Automated Scripts without coding anything, a recorder records and generates it for you.

You can view the Test and Lab Management Video here, skip ahead to 13:10 into video to see it in action.

CodedUI Functionality in VS 2010 Video. Fast forward to 2:20 to 7:10:  (You can do this on any VS 2008 project you have, using VS 2010 only)

Good Post on some of the Lab stuff: The Microsoft Test Runner – innovation for the Generalist Tester

New Post using Windows Live Writer

So I am now using Windows Live Writer for my blog posts. This, I think, is a must have for blogging. It can connect to different blog systems like Community Server, which is what I use, and you get the benefit of using a client base application like word, for posting up your posts.  Now I can spell check! Hooray!  Many cool add-ons you can install with it, like code snippets, insert videos, Amazon links etc..

Anyway, just wanted to write my first post using Live Writer.

Update: I've since moved off of Community Server, which was just a bit to slow for me, and have now moved on to BlogEngine.Net. It's much better and I can still use Windows Live Writer!