What have I been up to?

Not that anyone cares much but just trying to keep this blog from going stale after I’ve stopped programming. I need to shift focus to managing development teams using the Scrum process.

I am a Sr Manager of IT Applications for Wolters Kluwer. Specifically the Mediregs position of their Law & Business Division. I spend all my time managing 17 other members of an advanced development team. Managing the release and developing of two projects with high visibility. The newer one is going global and multi-lingual. We have our sister division in Belgium jumping onto the project as well.  We go live in three weeks after two years in the making.

One of my challenges over the last year is managing an efficient development team after receiving my scrum training as a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner. The good side is that everyone is on board for change and willing to do whatever it takes. It’s a great process. The down side is that upper eyes still want dates and budgets amount. I know we can forecast by estimating the backlog but it’s a long process to get through that backlog.

Also, gathering metrics on the team and each developer is another area I’m looking into more. Any information I find in these areas I’ll be posting them up here soon.

I have Returned

It has been while since my last post.  A long while.  A lot has changed over the past two years. Not just in my career but also in my personal life.  I apologize for the delay in the time span since my previous submission.  I’ve never talked about my personal life much before so I probably won’t start now either.

I used to post code snippets or solutions to problems I’ve had; sample apps of something I was experimenting with.  However, I haven’t developed full-time for over a year now. My career shifted when I was given the sole task to open a new development shop by my superiors. As well as build a new team and implement my dream child project that I had presented to the power above in the past.  Tasked with finding real estate, opening an office, hiring a team of 14 and managing a new product re-write, I’ve had little room for all else.  With deadlines to meet, finding ways to encourage team members, striving for perfection, new innovations and all the while learning as I go, I had no time to handle the small things I used to do like post on my personal site.

Now that we’ve settled into a routine of two week sprints and things are slowly starting to work together like a well oiled machine, I believe I will have time to post again.  Though my direction may shift slightly to things more related to project management, scum or agile comments and just about software development as a whole.  When the time permits I will dive back into development but only at a part-time rate.  There’s a lot of new technology out there, lots of ways to manage a team and I hope to continue forward with my thoughts and ideas for any who care to listen.

I have returned.

Adobe Encore CS5 cannot run in non-royalty serialized mode. The Application needs to be serialized with a royalty bearing serial number. Or Indesign does not have proper serial.


If you happen to get this issue with your CS5, I’ve found a solution.

Basically what happen is that Adobe Encore accepts only special serial numbers and it wont accept our Master Serial all the time. If this happens you need to use this simple fix:

  • Just copy and paste the “amtlib.dll” to your C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Encore CS5 folder. When asked select “Copy and Replace” and it will work properly.
    Do this only for Encore and DO NOT replace other original amtlib.dll’s
  • If this do not work try to reactivate Encore CS5 with Encore serial that I provided below (1132-1127-8739-4724-1356-4304) You can do from Encore Help panel in the main Encore menu after you open Encore
  • If this doesn’t work perhaps you need to change the main Adobe CS5 Master Collection serial number by deactivating the whole CS5 suite and activating again with different serial.
  • You need to still remember to follow all the safety procedures when doing it so (being disconnected from the internet, fixing your host file and blocking Encore with firewall)


Download File: amtlib.dll
You can use this for Encore or Indesign CS5 Master Collection

Outlook 2010 – Switch between “Showing Unread and/or Flagged Items” and “Showing All Items”

I like to limit my emails to messages I’ve not read and the ones I have flagged.  Sometimes though I want to see all the email.  There’s a quick and easy way to alternate between views.

Below I’ll show you screen shots of how you can do it.

But basically, you’ll create two views. One filters and one does not. Then you’ll just switch between them.

  1. Click on “View” Ribbon Tab
  2. Click on “Change Views”
  3. Click on “Manage Views”



Assuming your current Inbox view is what you want when you “Show All”.

  1. Highlight “Current View Settings”
  2. Click Copy
  3. Change the name to “All”
  4. Click Ok



Repeat again but this time name it “Unread or Flagged”



You should now have two new views in the list. 

  • All
  • Unread or Flagged



  1. Click on UnRead Or Flagged.
  2. Click on Modify
  3. Click Filter
  4. Click on the SQL Tab
  5. Click on the Checkbox “Edit these critera directly…”
  6. Type this into the filter box:

    ("urn:schemas:httpmail:read" = 0) OR ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x10900003" > 1)

  7. Click Ok, Click Ok, Click Ok




That’s all for the setup.

Now to switch between views, just click on “Views” and “Current View" and change between them.  If you are on Unread and switch to all, Outlook will keep the email you were looking at highlighted.