Adobe Encore CS5 cannot run in non-royalty serialized mode. The Application needs to be serialized with a royalty bearing serial number. Or Indesign does not have proper serial.


If you happen to get this issue with your CS5, I’ve found a solution.

Basically what happen is that Adobe Encore accepts only special serial numbers and it wont accept our Master Serial all the time. If this happens you need to use this simple fix:

  • Just copy and paste the “amtlib.dll” to your C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Encore CS5 folder. When asked select “Copy and Replace” and it will work properly.
    Do this only for Encore and DO NOT replace other original amtlib.dll’s
  • If this do not work try to reactivate Encore CS5 with Encore serial that I provided below (1132-1127-8739-4724-1356-4304) You can do from Encore Help panel in the main Encore menu after you open Encore
  • If this doesn’t work perhaps you need to change the main Adobe CS5 Master Collection serial number by deactivating the whole CS5 suite and activating again with different serial.
  • You need to still remember to follow all the safety procedures when doing it so (being disconnected from the internet, fixing your host file and blocking Encore with firewall)


Download File: amtlib.dll
You can use this for Encore or Indesign CS5 Master Collection
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